Healthy Cat Food

All cat foods at The Naturally Healthy Pet are made from whole ingredients such as meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruits that are naturally healthful, grain free, minimally processed, and are without any added chemicals. This is a critical approach in ensuring that all natural micronutrients and important plant nutrients are available to help maintain the healthy immune system of your cat.

The Naturally Healthy Pet carries a wide variety of high quality grain-free canned foods that are made with human grade meats and provide a much needed source of water. We also offer 100% organic raw diets for the ultimate high protein, moderate fat and low carbohydrate diet that is close to Mother Nature’s nutritional design for carnivores.

Raw Cat Food Brands

Primal Nature's Variety  


Nature’s Variety





Cat Food Brands

Nutri Source Taste of the Wild


Nutri Source

Taste of the Wild


Tiki Cat



Natural Balance  

Natural Balance


Fussie Cat




Almo Nature

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 Merrick Whole Earth


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