Healthy Pet Food?

What do we mean when we talk about natural pet foods?

Natural pet foods have to have high-quality ingredients, typically whole-food ingredients, no chemicals, nothing synthetic, no preservatives, no animal by-products and no artificial flavors or dyes. It’s what is missing in them that matters. You’ll not find the fillers and by-products that are the cause of allergic reactions or stomach issues in your pets. Just wholesome unrefined pet food ingredients that are pure and natural.

Two additional food types fall under the Natural category as well. These are Holistic/Organic and Raw Diets.

Holistic/Organic foods offer a wholesome approach to nutrition, with high quality ingredients that nourish the whole dog. Holistic dog food formulas are designed to offer balanced nutrients that support your dog’s overall health and total well-being, supporting all body functions. They combine the finest digestible proteins, fruits and vegetables along with a blend of vitamins and minerals to support immunity and wellness.

Raw Diets recreate the way our pet’s ancestors have eaten in the wild for thousands of years. Dogs and cats are carnivores and left to their own devices their typical daily diet would involve catching and eating another animal, much like their wild cousins the wolf and big cats. When a carnivore eats an herbivore like a rabbit or deer, they eat some meat, some bone, some organ meats and a small amount of vegetation contained on the herbivore’s digestive tract. These ingredients are the four main food groups of a good raw diet.

*All raw diets sold in our store are 100% USDA inspected, human grade and have all natural ingredients.

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